Car Registration Process of 2023

New Car Registration Process of 2022

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If you do not know how to register a new car, then you stay with our article till the end because in this article we are going to discuss all these topics and we are going to tell the information related to this topic step by step, so let’s start. Let’s do this article without delay.

What is RTO Vehicle Registration?

Vehicle registration is mandatory to drive on Indian roads. Registering a new vehicle means uniquely identifying and distinguishing your car or bike from others. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Regional Transport Authority (RTA) of the central government controls all motor vehicles in the country.

Hence, you have to get your vehicle registered with the RTO. They will inspect, verify and allot the vahan registration number for your vehicle, which is known as the permanent registration number. This number remains unchanged even if the vehicle is sold to another owner.

RTO new vehicle registration process

The RTO vehicle registration process can be done in two ways: dealer or yourself. The new car registration process can be executed by the car dealership or you can do it yourself through the local RTO. Furthermore, the registration process differs between a commercial and a private vehicle.

Steps to apply New Vehicle Registration Certificate in 2022:

While you have the option to obtain a Certificate of Registration (RC) for your vehicle through a vehicle dealership, you can also register your car or bike at a local RTO. Both commercial and private vehicles can be registered at RTO without dealer basis. Commercial vehicles like lorries, buses or trucks can be registered with the RTO.

  • Below is the RTO registration process of the new vehicle:
  • Visit the nearest RTO office with your new vehicle.
  • Fill Form 20 and submit the application.
  • The inspection or scrutiny of the document will be done by the RTO superintendent.
  • Pay the required registration fee and tax at the cash counter.
  • Your new vehicle will be inspected by an Inspector of Motor Vehicles (IMV).
  • The RTO office will enter the vehicle data in the central database.
  • The RTO superintendent will verify the vehicle All important data entered in the database.
  • The Assistant Regional Transport Officer, that means (ARTO) will approve the registration.

The RTO office will initiate the process for the smart card and once it is printed, it will be delivered by post to the applicant at the registered postal address

Vehicle Registration Form

It is not only important that you understand the process of registering a new car or motorcycle, but it is also essential to know about the various vehicle registration forms. You can download the vehicle registration form from VAHAN website. Below are the RTO forms related to new vehicle registration

1. Form 20: Application for registration of a new vehicle.

2. Form 21: Sales Certificate.

3. Form 23: Certificate of Registration.

4. Form 24: Registration of Motor Vehicle.

5. Form 29: Intimation of transfer of vehicle ownership.

6. Form 38A: Inspection Report.

7. Form 50: Bill of Lading.

8. Form 51: Certificate of Insurance.

9. Form 54: Accident Reporting Report

10. Form 57: Foreign Insurance Certificate.

What is Temporary RTO Registration Number?

Before getting a Permanent Registration Number for your new vehicle, the dealer will issue a temporary number which is valid for 1 month . Within this validity period, you will have to get the new vehicle registration done at the local RTO to get the permanent number of your vehicle.

[ Conclusion ] 

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