How to claim bike insurance? 2023

Whenever you buy a bike or scooty for yourself, you must get it insured. Because according to the rules made by the Government of India, this is such a plan in which if any person drives a vehicle on the road. So his insurance has to follow the rules of the law.

If you want to claim bike insurance then you have to follow some steps. Whose information I am going to give you today through this post, often you must have seen that whenever a bike accident happens. So people are not able to claim their bike because people are not aware about its process at all. But the government insists on getting the vehicle insured so that if someone unfortunately meets with an accident. So the owner of the vehicle can get financial help.

How to claim bike insurance?

Whenever a person buys a new vehicle, it is necessary to insure it. Along with the new bike of the bike company, it also offers its insurance. There are many such people. Those who do not renew their vehicle insurance but you should not do this. Because insurance provides protection to your bike, it is imperative that you insure your vehicle. How to take bike insurance claim? There is necessary information about it which is very useful for you.

What is bike insurance claim?

If you want to claim bike insurance, then first you should know that what are the types of insurance. So friends, it is mainly of two types, here we will tell you about third party insurance and comprehensive package policy.

Whenever you get your bike insured, you must have come across the names of first party, second party and third party. Do you know what these three mean, then first let’s see what is the meaning of first, second and third party.

First Party Insurance

Here the first party means the owner of the instrument and the instrument i.e. if there is any damage to the instrument then the first party comes under insurance.

This insurance is completely clean as it covers your personal damages. If there is an accident with your vehicle, the vehicle will also be covered. If you get hurt, the insurance company will help you financially.

second party insurance

Here second party insurance means the company, whatever the insurance company is, we call it the second party. Because our talks come only to the insurance company, whatever claims are there, they take it from the second party. Provides insurance to the first party and third party of the second party.

third party insurance

The first party will be yourself, the second party is your company and if a third person comes in between. We call it third-party as if it is your instrument. And if it happens to be an accident with a third party, then that party is called a third party.

If third party insurance is already taken, it means that the third party is also covered in his insurance. Whenever it comes to give a claim to a third party, at that time you will not give any claim, your company will give a claim to the third party.

Explain in simple language, if your vehicle collides with a third vehicle. So if that car owner asks you for any claim or compensation, then your company will give that claim.

How to claim bike insurance?

If the bike meets with an accident or is stolen, first of all go to the nearest police station and register an FIR. After that you have to inform the insurance company along with the FIR. In this information, apart from the FIR, you have to give a copy of the claim form, RC, DL and Aadhaar card. Cashless claim is available if your sister is repaired at any of the company’s network garages.

After the claim is settled, the cost of repairing the vehicle is borne by the company.

What is third party insurance?

Friends, if you claim third party insurance, it means that the third party is covered here. If you have taken insurance for your car as if we are talking about a motorcycle here. So if your motorcycle collides with another motorcycle then the one in front gets hurt. If the company asks for a claim from you, then your company will give that claim for the loss incurred.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

It covers both first party and third party. Comprehensive insurance means that it covers all types of damages. If there is any damage to the instrument, then the owner of the instrument also gets a claim. If any third party is harmed due to the instrument, then you will be able to claim that too.

bike insurance claim process

First of all, you have to show proof of the type of insurance you want to claim. If your vehicle gets hurt, you can report it directly to the company. You can take your vehicle along or show some pictures of it.

Many companies have this rule that all their people give insurance claims only after seeing the vehicle. If you have suffered any injury, you can take the doctor’s report or you can reach there yourself.

You have to take proper bill from your hospital without which no claim will be received. If you have got the vehicle repaired somewhere, then you have to get the repairing done from a good warehouse. Where you can get the bill with GST, you have to present that bill in the company, after verification of which you will get the claim.

Bike Insurance Claim Documents

Here you have to provide some documents to claim the claim. Come, let us know about which documents we will need. Your vehicle has met with an accident. So you yourself have to carry all the documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and Driving License.

Apart from these, you have to carry the RC of the vehicle and other insurance papers if you want to claim third party insurance. So all the documents of the third party have to be given to the company.

Here, the amount of money received as a claim varies according to the policy of different companies. Like in many companies the vehicle is repaired and no company gives any money. And it is the rule of the company that you can get more repairing done from third party somewhere. But after seeing the bill of the third party, he himself will give it.

[ conclusion ]

So how was our today’s post on how to claim bike insurance? 2023 in which we have given you all the information in detail. As we told you in the beginning what is third party insurance, and what is comprehensive insurance? Everything has been explained in detail, hope you will definitely like the information, then definitely share it with your close friends.

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