How to get bike insurance? 2023

How to get bike insurance? 2023

How to get bike insurance? : Hello friends, how are you, you are very welcome in the article of our website. Today, through this post, we are going to give you detailed information about how to get online bike insurance. Along with this, we are also going to tell you what is motorcycle bike insurance price and bike insurance! How much does bike insurance cost, all the information is going to be available.

Friends, nowadays bike is available with every person, but we always go to a third party to get bike insurance. But go to an agent and get the insurance of your bike completed from him. They collect insurance money from you as well as you have to pay extra charges. Today we will give you step by step complete information on how to get bike insurance from mobile online.

You must have read many articles on the internet about how to get bike insurance. But most of them are not useful but today we will tell you how to get bike insurance in very simple language and in Hindi.

What is bike insurance?

Be it bike insurance, car insurance or life insurance term is directly related to your protection cover plan. Know that if you suffer any kind of damage, then the insurance company compensates your loss.

If your vehicle breaks down under any circumstances or is stolen. Knowingly or unknowingly, an accident can also happen due to which you have to bear a lot of loss. If any third person gets hurt due to this, he is harmed. So the insurance company will compensate for your loss as well as the third person’s loss.

In addition to this, it has become very necessary to have insurance in case you die in an accident or your vehicle is completely damaged and remains unburnt. So at that time that too the company gives a fixed amount to your family members or to you. Due to which your financial condition does not affect much, you can easily start it again. Perhaps this is the reason why people search more on the internet about how to get bike insurance.

Why is bike insurance necessary?

In today’s time, getting bike insurance has become very necessary. Because in the event of your vehicle or car motorcycle being stolen or in an accident, the insurance company pays. Due to which there is no effect on your pocket in any way, along with this you were given this protection plan. Along with that, it also protects you from police checking.

All of you must have often seen that during checking, the traffic police inquires about the license as well as the papers and insurance policy of the vehicle. If you do not have an insurance policy, then a long and strong challan can be cut on you, to avoid all this, you should also buy an insurance policy. Whichever helps you in the event of an accident.

motor vehicle bike insurance price

Friends bike insurance price ie bike insurance price depends on the quality of your vehicle and its registration or condition. As your vehicle gets older today, its premium quality will reduce in value. Therefore, to know the insurance price of vehicle bike, by first entering the details of your bike in the steps mentioned below, you will know the exit price of your insurance policy which you can buy.

How to get bike insurance?

Bike insurance can be bought online How to get bike insurance. We are giving you complete information about it below, you can easily buy bike insurance by following fair. That is why it is necessary that you follow all these very well.

Step 1

To buy bike insurance, first of all you have to select one company. For example, Bajaj can visit the official website of Finserv. And from there after clicking on the button with online bike insurance, you will reach the page to buy insurance.

Step 2

In the second step, you are asked some information to buy bike insurance. Like your car number what is your old insurance expiry date? Apart from this, which company’s vehicle is the engine number and capacity of your vehicle? Information like registration number is asked, where you have to fill all the information correctly.

Step 3

And after that you are asked for your personal information. Like your name, your address, your mobile number etc.

step 4

In the number 4 step, you will get complete information about the insurance policy that which parts of your insurance will cover there. You have to read it properly and after understanding that if you agree to it then you can go to the next page.

Step 5

If you are satisfied with the insurance policy in the fourth step and want to buy the insurance policy. So in this you will be asked to make payment, in this you have to select the payment method. How do you want to pay Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI. From there you select the payment and comment.

Step 6

Your insurance policy will be generated as soon as you make the payment. And from that day onwards your vehicle insurance will start. By downloading the PDF of the insurance policy, you can go to any public service center or computer shop and take a print out of it and keep it with you.


So in this way we have given you all the information on them and by following all the steps properly you can buy online bike insurance in a very easy way? 2023 and I hope you will not have to pay extra money. You must have liked the information in which we have provided you detailed information on how to do online insurance.

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