How to take loan from PAN card ? in 2023

Hello friends, how are you if we talk about PAN card inside our India. So it is no less than an important document for every individual as it is used as an identity proof of that person. But now, along with being a document, it has also become a card that is useful financially on time. Because now through this PAN card we can also take loan.

Whenever a loan is sought from a known person or we take money from that person on time when needed and repay it on time. Money is not possible or else you get up that by taking a loan we can easily fulfill any of our needs. And can arrange money to improve the financial condition, but taking a loan is not so easy right now.

If you have made up your mind to take a loan or you are in dire need. If no one else is giving you money, then in such a situation you cannot have a better option than a loan. If you people have a PAN card and you have got it, then this post of mine today is going to be very useful for you.

Because my dear friends today through this post how can I take loan from PAN card? Who will get the loan through PAN card from the bank, what will be the terms and conditions, how much loan can be obtained. Loan process, what are the necessary document applications, through which we can take loan, everything will be provided detailed information.

Whenever a person approaches the bank to take a loan, there are various conditions that need to be fulfilled. And a guarantor also has to be installed, due to which people often shy away from taking loans. But do you know that if you can easily take a loan through PAN card, but taking a loan from PAN card is a bit complicated because it is a flexible process. Where you get a loan from PAN card, how does the bank give loan from PAN card. Will be informed about the rules and documents

How to take loan from PAN card? (PAN Card Loan)

Nowadays, many such applications have come online from where you can arrange money for yourself. And you can take loan using PAN card, but before taking online loan from any website application, necessary information should be obtained. Because the interest rate on this type of loan is very high, in some cases this is also seen. Where the interest rate ranging from 35% to 40% is charged on taking loan through loan application, additional charges are levied. The result of which is that the person taking the loan has to bear the loss because of the benefit.

That is why if any application tells you that it is giving loan only on PAN card. So you should get good information about that application, that application is also like this. Those who do fraud with people. Because of this, it becomes necessary to know about the interest rate and processing fee before taking the loan.

You can take a loan through the application from the Cash Fish app. It now provides you loan amount from 2000 to 50000 islam you have to repay with interest rate. Cash Fish application gives loan to its customer according to the interest rate up to 30% and 3 months to 1 year is available to repay the loan. You can easily repay your loan during this period

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  • CashFish App
  • flipcash
  • buddy loan
  • True Balance Loan
  • Nira App Loan
  • Dhani App Loan
  • CASHe Loan
  • Home Credit
  • PayMe India
  • India Lends

Apart from this, there are many other apps which give loan on the basis of PAN card. But before taking any type of mobile loan from all this, you should know about its interest rate and other charges like processing fee.

How to apply for loan against PAN card online?

1) To take a loan from PAN card, first of all you have to download the application from where you want to take the loan.

2) For this, first of all download the Cash Fish App by going to the Play Store in your mobile, then open it, here you are asked for some permissions, which you should accept.

3) Now you will reach the home page of CashFish App, here you have to click on My Account. After that you have to click on login only age register.

4) Enter your mobile number to login or register and click on Next. An OTP will come on your number, enter it and click on Next.

5) You have to click on Apply Now on the home page, now KYC information has to be filled here. Apart from this, you will get the option of loan amount in which you have to enter the loan amount.

6) After filling the loan amount, select the tenor during which you are able to repay the loan. In this, you can select the time from 3 months to 1 year.

7) Click on submit by filling his reason mobile number and personal information. Then your account information is asked.

8) If you are considered eligible to take the loan, then the loan money will come in your account.

So friends, in this way you can take loan through PAN card by applying online from CashApp.

Friends, as you have already been told that online loan from PAN card is given through mobile application. This loan is completely based on 100% online process, you get loan from PAN card sitting at home. Select the loan application form for PAN card loan application. And go to the home page of the app and from there you can apply for the loan.

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