What is Bike Insurance and How to get bike insurance

What is Bike Insurance

Friends, in this article we will talk about Bike Insurance, what is bike insurance and how to get bike insurance, so if you want a bike insurance for yourself, then complete this article till the end. Do read. So let’s start this article and know what is bike insurance.

What is Bike Insurance?  

Bike insurance is a financial protection for you. God forbid any accidents happen to you! If unfortunately ever your bike gets into an accident, then its compensation is filled by the insurance company on the basis of bike insurance first party and third party.

Apart from this, in case of accident due to your bike, then the insurance company also gives compensation for the loss caused to the third party. What we cover there is called liability. It pays compensation to third parties such as people walking on the street.

Why bike insurance is necessary

It is very important to have bike insurance because in case of your car or motorcycle being stolen or accident, the insurance company pays, which does not affect your pocket as well as it gives you a The protection plan gives you protection from his fellow police checking too.

All of you must have often seen that the traffic police ask about the license as well as the paper and insurance policy of the vehicle during checking. You can also take an insurance policy which helps you in the event of an accident.

Important document for applying bike insurance 

Friends, to get bike insurance done online or offline, you must have some necessary documents and without these documents you will not be able to complete your application for bike insurance. So let’s know, what are the necessary documents to be taken in the insurance of the bike:-

  • driver license
  • bike number
  • vehicle engine chassis number
  • vehicle owner Name of the
  • Any ID proof of the owner of the vehicle
  • A permanent mobile number
  • Latest passport size photograph of the owner of the vehicle

How to get bike insurance

Bike insurance can also be done online, below we will tell you step by step about how to do bike insurance, you will be able to do bike insurance easily by following the fair, so it is necessary that you follow those Read and follow all the steps correctly-

Step.1:- To do bike insurance, first you have to go to the official website of any insurance company like Bajaj Finserv. And from there you have to click on the button with online bike insurance, which will take you to the insurance buying page.

Step.2:- In the second state of getting bike insurance, you will be asked for some information such as what is your vehicle number, what is the expiry date of your old insurance, as well as the engine number capacity of your vehicle, which company’s vehicle is the vehicle, the registration number will be sought from there. You have to fill all the information correctly.

Step.3:- After filling the asked information correctly, you will be shown the insurance premium price of your vehicle in the third step and after that you will be asked for your personal details like your name, your address, your mobile number etc.

Step.4:- In this, you will be given complete information about the insurance policy that which part of your insurance will cover there, you have to read it properly and understand that if you agree to it then you can go to the next page. .

Step.5:- If you are saintly satisfied with the insurance policy in the fourth state and want to buy the insurance policy, then in this You will be asked to make payment, in this you have to select the payment method that you want to make payment through credit card debit card UPI, from there you select the payment and make the payment.

Step.6:- As soon as you make the payment, your insurance policy will be generated and the insurance of your vehicle will start from that day, by downloading the PDF of the insurance policy, you can go to any public service center or computer shop and get it printed. You can keep it with you.

What are the benefits of taking online two wheeler insurance?

There are many benefits of taking insurance online and some of them are as follows below.

  • We can take the best insurance for our two wheeler vehicle sitting at home.
  • We can compare the best insurance plans from various companies and choose the best plan for ourselves.
  • By taking online insurance, we do not have to pay any kind of hyden charges.
  • We get tons of great offers and cashback when buying insurance online.

Which are the best companies providing online two wheeler insurance plan facility?

At present there are many two wheeler insurance companies, out of which Policy Bazaar , Kotak Insurance, HDFC Insurance, Bajaj Insurance, Reliance Insurance, Star Insurance, ICICI Prudential Insurance and many more best two wheeler bike insurance companies are present. .

[ Last word ]

We hope you know what is bike insurance and how to get bike insurance. So with this, let us now end this article right here. But before that, do tell us in the comment box how did you like this article of ours. Thank you

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