What is car insurance | How to claim car insurance

What is car insurance | How to claim car insurance

What is car insurance :- Friends, people often buy a new car, then they worry about its safety and in this affair they take car insurance. But the person who buys car insurance for the first time. He has a lot of questions in his mind like what is car insurance and how to get car insurance and how to claim car insurance and what are the benefits of car insurance and so on.

So with the help of today’s article, we are going to answer all those questions, so let’s start this article without delay and get every information related to car insurance.

What is car insurance ?

In today’s time everything is changing with the changing times. When we buy any new vehicle for ourselves, this car insurance is provided to us by the car company, or there are many third party companies, which provide car insurance.

It is valid for any car or vehicle only for one year or for a limited period of time. When the validity of this car insurance completely expires. So the owners of the vehicle have to renew the car insurance again after one year. In simple words, car insurance is very important for us and our vehicle.

Whether you buy a four wheeler, or a two wheeler vehicle, it has been made mandatory to buy insurance for the motor vehicle you buy from all over India. Meaning it is very important to do it.

Whenever there is an unfortunate accident or accident with your vehicle, the insurance company makes full compensation for the damage caused in your vehicle.

how to claim car insurance

Friends, while driving a car on the road, many times we face accidents due to which our car gets damaged i.e., (completely broken feet). Sometimes, due to an accident, the car can be completely ruined.

That is why we are taken help of insurance companies to compensate for the loss caused in any accident. If you have car insurance and you have an accident, then your entire loss will be paid by the insurance company. First of all, you have to gather evidence about your accident car.

After this you have to make a police complaint. So that your accident becomes legal as well. Registering an FIR at the police station is also a part of an insurance claim. You can show a copy of the FIR to the insurance company while making an insurance claim.

Based on which you get help in making an insurance claim. After the accident, you have to inform your insurance company. And to get your car renewed, you have to inform the insurance claiming company 24 hours in advance. When your car has an accident, you have to collect all the evidence.

And the insurance company has to be informed about this. After the accident, when you file your complaint with the insurance company, then the officer of the insurance company comes to assess your car. Which decides how much damage is done to your car.

How to Renew Car Insurance

As you will also know that the insurance policy is bought for a certain time, after which you have to renew it, there is a limit to this. Common people think that renewing insurance is a very difficult and complicated task. But it is a very easy task.

Which you can do with the help of your phone sitting at home. Choose any car insurance according to your mind. Select the policy from the same insurance company as you have purchased. If you want to change insurance company, you can also change.

You can also get your insurance renewed from any other company. Details: You want to renew your insurance by yourself, go to the official website of that company and choose the option of insurance renewal. After this, you will have to fill your own details along with the details of your old policy.

Policy Selection and Premium Payment: After filling all your required details, you have to choose the policy. Whichever offer you should choose. Pay for the policy you wish to buy. You get the option to pay the premium amount online.

From where you can easily pay the amount to buy the policy premium. In this way you can renew your insurance. And your insurance renewal details will be sent to you via email.


[ Conclusion ]

I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article, you must have got information about what is car insurance. In this article, we have tried to tell you about every information related to a how to claim car insurance using simple language.

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