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What Is Third Party Insurance

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What Is Third Party Insurance | How To Make Third Party Insurance Claim ?

Hello friends, you are warmly welcome in this article, you must have often seen that people want to get information about Third Party Insurance after taking a car,

so that is why we have written this article. And in this article I have tried to give all the information related to Third Party Insurance, if you really want to get information related to Third Party Insurance, then I have this request from you.

That you read this article of mine carefully till the end, only then you will understand this article of mine well, so let’s start this article without delay

What Is Third Party Insurance ?

Insurance policy of car, bike or any other vehicle provides us with 2 types of cover. The first is our loss and the second is the loss of a third party.

Own damage means if our car gets into an accident on the road, then the insurance company will compensate for the damage caused to our vehicle.

Third party means any other vehicle or any person from whom the accident occurs and when there is any loss of that third party due to the accident caused by our fault,

Then it is compensated under third party insurance. According to the new rule of Motor Vehicles Act, it is now necessary to have third party insurance. From the insurance company,

We can take only Third Party Insurance Policy for our vehicle or can take Third Party Insurance Policy with Comprehensive Policy / Zero Depth Policy.

How much are third party insurance policies ?

The cost of third party car insurance premium is fixed under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Association of India.

Depending on the cubic size of the engine alone, the cost of third party insurance is more or less. The bigger the engine size in the vehicle,

The more money you will have to pay for the insurance policy. Third party car insurance policy premiums are given on the basis of Engine CC below.

Engine size below 1000 cc : Rs.1850 p.a. Above 1000 cc and below 1500 cc : Rs.2833 p.a. Engine size above 1500 cc : Rs.7890 p.a.

What Is Covered In Third Party Insurance ?

What is covered in Third Party Insurance of your vehicle: The damages caused to the third party in case of injury or death.

Compensation for damage to Third Party Insurance Holder vehicle or any other property. Permanent disability of a third party due to an accident. A third person would have died in the accident.

What is not covered in third party insurance ?

The damage caused to your vehicle is not covered by third party insurance. For example, if you hit another vehicle, the cost of repairing your vehicle will not be reimbursed.

Damage caused to property or vehicle can be compensated only up to a limit. Only up to 7.5 lakh can be reimbursed through third party insurance, the vehicle owner will have to pay the expenses above that from his own pocket.

Before making a claim, it is necessary to carefully know the terms and conditions laid down by the company for third party insurance. If a claim is not made according to these terms and conditions, then it will not get any cover from the insurance company.

How To Make Third Party Insurance Claim ?

If you get into an accident with a car, bike or any other vehicle and you get an injury, then you can make an insurance claim for the medical expenses incurred in its treatment.

In case of accidental death, the family members of the deceased who were dependent on him can claim for loss of income. To make a third party claim, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. For third party claims, the insurance company must be informed immediately after the accident.

2. To fill the third party claim application, it is necessary to get the police FIR done. After the accident, go to the nearest police station and register an FIR. For which you will need the documents given below.

The registration number (RC) of the vehicle in which the accident took place, the driver’s license number, if there are witnesses to the accident, then their names and mobile numbers.

3. After completion of the process of FIR, charge sheet will be prepared which you will need later. You will have to file a case in the Special Court for Third Party Insurance (Motor Accident Claims Tribunal) along with the chargesheet and other necessary documents. For this you will need a lawyer.

4. In addition to the RC of the vehicle, the documents related to the damage caused to the third party will also have to be submitted together so that the amount of damage caused can be ensured.

5. The amount of cover that the third party will get in the form of cover after injury or death in an accident has not been ascertained. The court decides how much money will be given by the insurance company for the loss to the third party.

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