Why Is CAR Insurance So Important | Advantage Of CAR Insurance

Why is CAR insurance so important ?

Friends, do you know that if you do not have car insurance in such a situation, and such an accident occurs in which your car is damaged in any way, then it should be repaired and fixed.

It can have a very bad effect on your financial condition, you must know that the car is an asset and the meaning of the damage to the car due to theft or accident or burning due to fire or any other reason.

There is loss of your property, so friends, it is better in this situation that you must insure the car, so that you can avoid such losses, and if your property is also saved, then it is your benefit.

Advantage of car insurance

Well friends, there are many great benefits of car insurance, but we have written you step by step about some of the following benefits below, so you read and understand them.

Protection from third party friends, if any of your expensive car collides with another person in a road accident, or someone else damages him or your car, then in this situation the insurance company also bears all the expenses.

Compensation for the damage caused to the car If the car is stolen suddenly it catches on fire! Even in the event of natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm, big disaster like storm, if there is any damage to your car,

Then the car insurance company takes responsibility for it and the owner of the vehicle is given its claim. In a car accident, the death of the driver or injury to the body of the owner of the car occurs,

In this situation also a car insurance claim is available. In a situation where the driver dies of permanent disability and death, the insurance provides financial assistance.

Thus car insurance becomes essential in future to protect not only the car but also your family. Because while traveling by car, the coverage of around ₹ 200000 can be obtained in the damage caused to the driver.

So friends, this is usually the best advantage of taking car insurance.

What is not available in car insurance.

Well, car insurance has many benefits for you as well as your car! But if the following situations arise then you will not get the benefit of car insurance.

If you drive another person’s car, you will not get any benefit from your car insurance in case of an accident caused by that car when someone without insurance drives your car if the driver driving the car does not have a valid license authority.

In case of any damage to the car or you in case of drunken driving or drug abuse, then you do not get any benefit of car insurance in this also. Damage caused due to mechanical or electrical defects in the car, some items present in the car that should not be present inside the car.

Even if they are present in your vehicle, you may face problem in getting car insurance. Friends, here are some things you have to keep in mind to take advantage of car insurance.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance ?

Friends, this is an optional insurance! That is, to take or not to take insurance depends on the will of the owner of the car as its premium is high. And it provides security coverage to the car and the owner of the car in accidents caused by car accidents.

If you have taken Comprehensive Car Insurance then it covers personal loss as well as damages caused by road accident, car theft or fire in the car.

But talk about its premium, although if you get this insurance done as compared to third party insurance, then a little premium will be charged but there are a lot of facilities in it.

It has the facility of cashless garage network so that you can get car repairing done for free. Apart from this, this insurance is helpful in compensating if you and any third party do not suffer any damage in a road accident!

It also covers loss of work in natural calamity. Thus, out of these two plans, however, you will have to spend a little more money in a comprehensive car insurance plan! But here this insurance plan provides protection not only for the car but also for you.

How To Take A Car Insurance Claim ?

If you want to take a car insurance claim in case of an accident, then you have two ways either you can get the claim online!

There are many such insurance policies today from where you can buy an insurance policy for your car online! Also you can get claim online only.

Apart from this, you can get your car repaired for free through the cashless garage facility of the car insurance

If your car is outside the garage network of the company, you can still claim compensation from the company in which the company will fully assist you.

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