work from home Advantage and Disadvantages in 2022

Advantage and Disadvantages of work from home

Friends, in this article, we will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing work from home, so if you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of work from home, then please read this post till the end, so let’s go without Let’s start this post with no delay,

Advantage of work from home

1. Giving more time to your Family :-

This problem happens with everyone that they are not able to give much time to their family and most of the people complain about the family that they are not able to spend much time with their family. If you do work from home, then your family will never complain that you are not able to spend much time with them.

Even if you work from home full-time, you will still be able to give time to your family. Because you have to work seriously for 2-4 hours daily, after that, if you do another, then it will not make any difference.

2. Time Saving :-

Especially Delhiites and people living in Mumbai would agree that they had to leave their homes at 7 am to go to office, be it summer or winter. This happens when the shift timing was 9 or 9:30. However, work from home has given us travel time savings and you can even wake up at 8:55 am to log in to your 9 o’clock shift. This is surely a relief for those people who used to get stuck in traffic jams for hours and get exhausted on reaching home late every day.

3. More productivity and comfort :-

Working from home may disturb your peace a bit, but these days you must have liked productivity and comfort. There is a possibility that many of you must be feeling lazy, but it is 100% true that you will be working to your full potential when working from home so that your boss does not feel that you are at home. are not working properly. Therefore these days work from home is a better option to take special care of productivity.

4. Weather :- 

Every day the weather is not the same and if there is something today, then tomorrow it will be something else. This is how changes keep coming in our weather. Most, it is the rule of the company that only 1-3 month holiday is given in the year, rest of the day you have to do regular work. Whether it is sunny, rainy, winter or dry season, you have to work in all kinds of weather. There is nothing like doing online work. If the weather is bad today and it is raining, then you can give not more than 2 hours at night or at any time.

5. More Working Time:-

The biggest benefit of doing work from home is that you can take extra time to do your work and in how many days you can complete the work at your home. Where you are doesn’t matter to you. Even if you are in a bus or train, you can continue with your work. You do not have any limit on timing. You can complete the work as soon as possible and do other work. That is, if we say in short and simple words, then whatever you want will be there.

Disadvantages of work from home

further read on how you can take advantage of work from home by staying at home, but where there is benefit, there is also some loss, similarly there is a lot of loss of doing work from home which we People will know in this topic, so let’s start, everyone knows what can be the disadvantages of condoms.

1. Deterioration of health :-

While working at home, we get so lost in work that we do not even know the time and we do not even remember to eat, drink, due to which gradually our health starts deteriorating and we get sick. As it happens, because of being in front of laptop and computer screen for more time, mental diseases start coming on our brain, which has a very bad effect on our health.

2. Not sleeping till late night :-

Work from home gives us freedom to do office work at home in an open way, but it starts spoiling our habits. According to a survey, it has been found here that people who are given to do office work at home, they mostly work till late night and waking up till late night causes many physical problems to them, due to which they can feel themselves the next morning. feel tired.

3. Loss of will power :- 

This problem has been seen in many people due to working more time at home. If you change your routine or work without routine, then this problem becomes big, due to which your will power starts decreasing and then gradually this problem starts getting bigger.

4. Feeling Boredom :-

Working at home for a long time keeps ourselves in the same environment for a long time. Due to which our mind starts getting bored and then we do not feel like in any other work. Whereas in the office you can openly talk with your friend for some time and drink tea which makes your mind fresh and ready to work again and you do not get bored but here at home Things get away from you

5. Getting used to sleep :-

This habit is always in the house in most of the people. That they have a habit of sleeping during the day. There is no reason for much loss here, but here it spoils our day time and spoils our productivity, due to which we start feeling irritable and we are not always able to complete our day’s work with time.


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